Day 8 –147 to go

No signs of fitness yet but I am getting used to — and liking it! Again, the most difficult part is to get up and put your exercise gear. After is difficult to stop!

Life can turn around quite quickly…

What do you do if you are overwhelmed by the decisions you have to make?

Read about eating carrots and strawberries

Do you take care of yourself? Do you carrot yourself? :-) Do you think what would make me look fresher?! Coming from a tropical country, the Latin “bronze” look has always been in fashion. Rose cheek, hydrated skin, well-combed naturally lush hair (not full of products), a little tan (natural again), basic makeup (mascara, a brow gel, a bit of blush and lip moisturiser): that’s the “look fresh” recipe and it does not demand much effort… or does it? Also one should eat well — carrots help with your colour, strawberries to your skin……

It was hard to wake up, but I did it!

In 150 days I will be 50 and, yes, there is a little bit of freak out, crises whatever you want to called it. I am on menopause, not a fix job, started feeling some pains — back, shoulder, neck, brain! and, I’ve decided to move my … body e-v-e-r-y day.

Because I want to celebrate, but also feel good, healthy and I am doing well (being)!

That’s why I have set this chanllenge. It is all about discipline and routine — 2 characteristics people think I have but I…

Day 4 — Can you walk too fast? Or run like a chicken?

152 to go to my 50's

No, I didn’t want another sunny day! Are you kidding??? I wanted a heavily raining, windy and cold Saturday morning to test my “third-time lucky” 50’s challenge!!!

Last night I hit town, or better, the City of London…

Cat takes sun

Day 2–153 to go

What a beautiful day!

Launnddaaann woke up as bright as gold. The sun at 8 am was pouring its light down to the hills of Crouch End and no cloud to be seen. Easy day 2 for walk inspo, no? I want to see with pouring rain … hehehe

I will turn 50 in exact 154 days and the only thing I can do is to take advantage of this tragedy? blessing? milestone? cornerstone? gold age?

I will write here everyday. Yes, I am setting myself a challenge.

Well, as a corny conclusion I’ve read the other day: I will be a young middle age not an old young (stretching young’s definition till the 40’s), leaving my old version behind… (well, that’s the idea! You got it!) taking new habits, challenges

This is not me… it is Claudia Cardinale wearing a poncho. My hair will look like this in 3 month…(is it a good thing? — 80s… not sure…). I have destroyed my hair in January when a hysterical lockdown beauty moment happen with me and my (paper) scissors. Otherwise, she is my spiting image.

The goal?

Get a healthy body and brain and look hot!

What is the situation right now…

  • I am doing lots of projects and looking for a…

A hint of red, a simple makeup, a silk blouse or a leather skirt, a statement jewellery and a sexy smile. If you’re lucky enough to have a date tonight make it special and give love.

Graphic, colourful, rough (just enough…not much anymore), lively, creative, young, alternative, historic and inclusive.
I could add many others adjectives to this place. Like also: exclusive and posh (to some hidden addresses), gentrified (it’s done, get over it!) and hipster (Uhh, the most used word to identified “desperate to look cool” people).
I still prefer the first ones. Here are some images of the early evenings:

the rebel observer

Lifestyle writer, occasionally fictional!

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