It was hard to wake up, but I did it!

In 150 days I will be 50 and, yes, there is a little bit of freak out, crises whatever you want to called it. I am on menopause, not a fix job, started feeling some pains — back, shoulder, neck, brain! and, I’ve decided to move my … body e-v-e-r-y day.

Because I want to celebrate, but also feel good, healthy and I am doing well (being)!

That’s why I have set this chanllenge. It is all about discipline and routine — 2 characteristics people think I have but I am not so sure myself. I usually bend the rules and try to look good for others — to avoid any judgement or critics. And that’s why I have set myself this challenge. I want to see what 150 days of exercise and cold shower first thing in the mornig will do to me.

Today is doing — exhaustion.

It is the day 5 — and I am tired… result of the previous 4 days and me staying up working until midnight on a Sunday… because instead of doing the task on Saturday morning and enjoy the weekend, I managed to procrastinate the whole weekend… uauauauauauaauua — So, I woke up massively tired, and got up put my leggings and off you go.

9:20 — breakfast in front of the computer — late Monday day 5 is just starting.

Ps. Also I couldn’t watch The Pursuit of Love yesterday, so will catch up tonight. Fingers crossedddd. :-)

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